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Kink…how far to take it

Unleashing the kink….

Daddy read my blog yesterday, and came home with the face of “Well I know what you want” kind of face.  He looked as though someone just handed him the map to the treasure box.  I have been slowly throwing him a little bone here and there, mostly to get him used to being in our new roles, and to introduce him to the fantasies I have in my head.
Several days ago I threw out my back, so My protective lion helped me into the car, and took me to a client’s house.  We started to talk about other people’s blogs, talking about TTWD, and then somehow, the discussion went to his interest in choking someone during sex.  I kind of sat back in my seat, didn’t want to know more, changed the subject.
I have no desire to be choked.  I know there is such a thing, I am sure lots of people do it.  My luck though, his ADD would kick in while hes distracted, I would turn blue, die, and the coroner would find my lifeless body with cum all over me, and my husband sobbing in the corner.  My parents would have to be notified of the cause of my death….I’m sure Daddy would go to jail, and my daughter would move in with her useless father.  I would be in the newspaper.  I hate photos of me alive, I am sure ones of me dead and naked  with dried cum in my thighs would be just as attractive.
Unleashing the kink can be dangerous.  Everyone has a deep, dark side to themselves, that we don’t reveal to others.  Some people start to live part of their fantasies, and keep the other ones locked deep in their minds.  I am asking him to live my fantasy of being in the Daddy/Submissive lifestyle….and I am sure he has fantasies too.  Hopefully they don’t all include choking.  In his younger years he was turned on with someone naked but wearing tennis shoes.  With him in control, makes me raise my brow to whats coming.
Once you go there, you can’t take it back.  If your partner is stimulated by the new kink, they will soon think of it as old, and wait for something new that you want to try.  If you push way beyond your comfort zone, do you then regret it?
I am putting him in charge of my body, my life, our relationship in the bedroom.  If the kink is fully released, I fear how far that will go.  I am turned on by many things, and equally turned off by many things as well.
Daddy isn’t freaky.  He doesn’t watch porn, he didn’t come to my house with whips, chains, collars, etc.  He was satisfied with a few positions, when we began to have sex.  It was me who brought this lifestyle to him…allowing him to read some stories I write, and now, blogs.
I would hope he would know me enough to walk gently in this new world of ours.  So that we don’t get out of hand. That we don’t lose the love, the respect, we have for each other.
I don’t want it to go so far it is all we are attracted to.  It would be fake, forced, not gentle, loving, spontaneous and a little fun.


The differences between us

Our differences….

In order to get the full picture of who I am married to, picture Zach Galifiankis from movies: The Hangover, and Due Date.  My Daddy has mannerisms very similar to these characters….and it makes me laugh.
I thought I would share with you our differences…..
Getting in the car:
I grab my keys…after I have found them of course…run back in the house for the cell phone I forgot…..get in the car, turn on the engine and drive away.  My husband has to maneuver himself properly in his car.  He then takes off glasses #1, brings out the glasses case, that of course has an appropriate spot in the console.  Glasses #2 are removed from the glass case, and glasses #1 go in their place.  Of course it gets zipped up and placed back in the appropriate spot.  Then he sometimes grabs a sip from his drink, removes spots from his glasses..and yes, the little rag thingy has a place in the car…. puts his lunch bag, etc on the seat in its proper place…and finally puts on his seat belt, probably checks his mirrors, puts his phone in its proper place, might as well contact air traffic control to make sure its ok to go…and finally drives off.  I should say, he is neat and tidy.  Well, beyond neat and tidy.  His car looks like a rental.  Besides a bear I gave him, it has no personality, its overly clean.  My car has cups from previous lunches a week ago…clothes, old mail, pens, daughter stuff, CD’s not in their cases, and my travel bags, or items that have rolled out of my travel bags.  There are stains on the floor from kids getting in and out of the van, snow days up in the mountains, foot prints on my dash from my daughters shoes, and a few little soda stains from when a cup or two flew out of the holders.  It has character.
He drives like he’s taking his grandmother for a drive in the country.  And he has a stick shift, so this slooooow drive is now jerky and uncomfortable when you have a bad back.  He is overly safe, and rarely goes 5 miles above the speed limit.  I will say, that even with all this “safeness” he has had 3 fender benders in less than 6 months.  1 of them he caused.  I drive like grandma needs to get to the hospital…  I usually drive 10-15 miles over the speed limit, checking mirrors frequently for cops, I multi task by changing radio stations, checking the mirrors, talking to my passenger, and pushing items out from underneath my feet that are rolling around.  I..knock on wood….have not had an accident in years.
Sentimental Stuff:
When Daddy’s stuff was being merged into my house, I got to see just how much of a pack rat he is.  Love him, of course, and I understand that he loves holding on to items because the item holds a memory.  So, we were at his apartment, packing things up, and going through things that also needed to be donated, given away, etc.  He had a computer that was self contained in a huge, heavy case.  I think its from like 1980.  He knew when he got it, from who, and he didn’t want to junk it.  So I suggested he donate it.  There was another old computer that was just as old.  He had boxes of receipts from 12 years ago, not just tax receipts, but receipts from the water company, old credit card statements, etc.  FROM 12 YEARS AGO.  There were boxes and boxes of these.  He also had a filing cabinet full of old school papers from years ago, but I finally got him to shred these.  Ended up with bags and bags of shredded papers.  Daddy still has his school ID cards from junior high….all of them.  The man is 41.  FOURTY- ONE.  Every item has a story, which of course, he remembers.  He doesn’t remember what days the trash goes out, or remember to add his schedule to the calendar, but he remembers everything from his past.  I have 1 box that contains items from my kids’ school years, a few of their baby items, old school pictures, 2 years books from high school, and 3 items from my graduation in high school.  I barely remember high school, 5 years ago, or even last month.  I throw things out constantly, as I hate clutter.  He keeps everything.  His wallet is full of receipts, and every time he buys something new, he not only keeps the receipt, but the literature that comes with the item, and the box too.  Every electronic item came to my house with cords wrapped with twistie ties.  Probably the ones they originally came with.
Daddy takes forever to undress, shower, put his clothes in the hamper, lay out his clothes for the next day, he usually walks into the closet 2 more times to lay down the wallet/keys, brings out the KY (yes there is a specific drawer for that, and he still has the box that  the vibrator came in, as well as the receipt for both the KY and the vibrator.) He will hang his pants back up on the hanger, and then the shower lasts 20 minutes…which he takes 3 a day.  He is very clean.
I throw the clothes in the hamper, grab the toothpaste, my clothes and jump in the shower.  In 20 minutes I am showered, dressed, and have my hair done and sometimes make up too.
Daddy…my lovable lion…… came to my house with this calendar of craziness.  Well that’s what I call it.  He has things written all over the month, there are circles, check marks, crossed off items…looks like a football playbook more than a calendar for bills.  He also keeps the bill, the envelope for the bill, writes on the envelope when its paid, to be paid, etc….then he prints off a receipt, puts it in this envelope, writes on the calendar about the paid bill, and will keep the envelope for 12 years.  I get a bill, go onto bill pay for my bank, pay the bill, and shred the evidence I ever had the bill in the first place.  I also don’t like debt.  I guess for single moms, debt is a sinking ship.  So I don’t own credit cards, department store cards, I don’t even have a car loan.  It makes me nervous.  I like my money. I like it to stay with me, and not give it to companies.  So the less I pay for, the more stays in my pocket.  Daddy has several cards, and odds and ends bills.  I understand why he has 2 jobs.  Its a whirlwind trying to understand which is due when, etc.  I give him lots of credit in keeping all that straight.  I am hoping we can cut down a bit, spend a little less, and start to enjoy what we make 🙂
He is funny, expressive, loves to laugh, and laughs at himself for farting, etc.  He is entertaining.  I am more serious.  I pay attention to whats going on around me, speak my mind, and have a harder time relaxing.  We are a good match.  He balances me out.  And our new lifestyle is making me a softer, more loving person.  We are a better couple, this time around 🙂  Thank God we are both learning to compromise with each other.