Kegel Balls….aka….Ben Wa Balls

After reading about Ben Wa Balls in the 50 Shades of Gray book, I was curious and decided to order a set.  I was already ordering some items for the “drawer of kink” so I bought a pair of black ones, on a string.  If you aren’t sure whether to get them with a string or not, do a google search on Ben Wa balls…aka Kegel Balls, and read the comments on women who can’t get their string-free ones out.

So they arrived yesterday.  I had an emotionally draining day and decided not to try them…but did manage to show Daddy all of the new items in the drawer of kink.  At first he kind of peered in there, and looked at me, and back at the drawer.  I think he was kind of wondering what the hell happened to his wife…there is now a paddle, a tickle whippy leather thing, eye mask, the balls, a new anal stimulator, and fuzzy handcuffs.

He just smiled, but I could tell he’s kinda thinking I’m out of my mind.  No, I am driven by V.A.G.I.N.A…aka “Kitty”.

I wanted some new things for him to utilize …..and I ordered them because I know he is still finding his way through this hesitation stage.  I would love for him to proactively add items to the drawer of kink, but I think in time he will, once his confidence is built.

So this morning he left for work early, and daughter was still sleeping, so perfect time to try them out.

The balls are kinda big, and when you move them, they vibrate from the little balls that are inside the bigger ones.

I went and got the lube and the balls out of the drawer of kink.  I proceeded to relax kitty by stimulating her clit, and then slid in ball 1 a little higher, and then ball 2 a little lower, just so I can feel it in the walls.

I am so glad no one is watching, because next I stood up and began to try them out.  First I kind of walked around the room wiggling and moving around to see if I could feel any vibration.  Not sure how much I should be feeling, if any. I am not feeling much from that. The package says though that I should have tons of orgasms….Hmm….not yet.

So the next step was to attempt to move them within kitty.  S..Q..U..E..E..Z..E   and yes, I can feel one of them.  I have been doing stream-stopping for a long time, and daddy notices my internal squeezing skills, so this will hopefully enhance the strength even more.

Well the balls are interesting.  I feel a fullness inside, and its confusing because usually fullness is during sex, or when toys are used…so kitty is mildly excited over these foreign things that aren’t doing much but causing pressure on her.

Ive had them in for about an hour….guess that’s enough for today.  I am going to go pleasure her, remove them and wait for daddy to come home for lunch.


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